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01:25pm 08/07/2005
  So life is great. I have an amazing relationship. I just need a job now!! grrr.........  

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05:44pm 16/06/2005
  I GRADUATED!!! YESSS!!! +). SOOOO HAPPY. High school can kiss my ass now!!! =)))))  

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07:00pm 08/06/2005
mood: horny
I'm so frickin horny............=)I want sex now!!!

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ONLY A WEEK left!!   
06:58pm 06/06/2005
mood: giddy
JUNE 15th!! So close, yet so far. I'm so happy. I'm gonna go get hammered and jump off a roof. Ok, not really. I wonder what will my friends think of Tommy(the person I'm kinda dating.) He's so rad. He makes me smile. Ok gotta go, see ya

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.....um ok   
06:54pm 01/06/2005
mood: calm
Hey, what's up? My names Wes. I'm a senior and I'm graduating in 2 weeks. I'm excited as hell to be finally getting out of high school. I'm a bit of an emo brat. I get too emotional, if it weren't for that I'd be the perfect killer. Anyway, just saying what's up and stuff.

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